VBT# Only My Dog Knows I Pick my Nose - Lauren Tarshis and Lisa Bronson Mezoff

Only My Dog Knows I Pick My Nose
VBT# Only My Dog Knows I Pick My Nose - Lauren Tarshis and Illustrated by Lisa Bronson Mezoff - October 2021

This adorable picture book caught my attention by the title and will be the pick of children all around as kids love that bodily humour about boogers, toilets, etc. This book has our main child character being the perfect angel to the world but just between him and his dog, he is anything but. To his mum and dad, he eats his dinner including broccoli, but he feeds it to his dog so he can have his dessert. To his mum and dad, he blows his nose correctly, but to his dog, they keep the secret that he picks his nose. This is one of those fun reads that will be perfect for children aged 6-9 years old. An old saying always says that "dogs are a man’s best friend as they are loyal creatures" and this proves true in Only My Dog knows I Pick my Nose by Lauren Tarshis and illustrated by Lisa Bronson Mezoff as our two main characters child + dog is as thick as thieves in this 2021 picture book.



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