Review: Obsession - Jessica Lynch

Obsession (Hamlet, #0.5)

Review: Obsession - Book #0.5 Hamlet Series - Jessica Lynch - February 2019

Lucas De Angelis didn't know what love is or if he was capable of it until one of his outside University guest lectures when he spotted Tessa - a student in the class. From the moment he met her, he wanted her and he could see in her eyes that he wanted to but the ring was a barrier as Tessa didn't go for married men. Lucas married his childhood best friend Caitlin who is the Sheriff of Hamlet, a town with no technology and a backward feel to it. This book is a prequel to the Hamlet series as in Book #1 Don't Trust Me we read as Tessa was married to Jack and celebrating their wedding anniversary when he is killed and near the end is a twisted love angle plot where we get to see more depth of the characters like Lucas - the doctor, Caitlin - the sheriff, Maria - Lucas's sister and B&B owner where Tessa and Jack are staying, etc.
As Obsession is a prequel, this is a quick read that sets the scene on how Tessa and Lucas first meet and how their story begins.



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