Review: They All Had A Secret - Michele Leathers

They All Had A Secret: A betrayal. A deception. A tragedy. A murder. (They All Had A Reason #2)

Review: They All Had A Secret - Book #2 They All Had a Reason Series - Michele Leathers - February 2021

At the end of Book #1, we discovered that Bellamy along with the help of Quentin, had faked her murder, killed someone else and escaped from their small hometown, and living under a pseudonym. Now in Book #2 Bellamy has changed her name to Charity and living in a small town at the local hotel and cleaning for freeboard/food etc. She also has gotten rid of Quentin and has a new plan in action. The sole heir to the hotel and a massive fortune is Roy - Veronica's grandson. Charity plans to get him to fall in love with her and manipulate her way into the fortune. Her plan would be simple, but Roy has a sort of girlfriend Samantha who is suspicious of Charity and won't let her get her claws into Roy. As the book goes along, Charity will also uncover some dark secrets that Veronica is hiding - one to do with Joshua Iverson's son Liam and the other to do with the Tripps son. Meanwhile, it looks like not only Quentin has tracked Bellamy down and wants his revenge on her, but also CJ who is from her hometown and has been tracking her movements and covering her on his podcast about unsolved crimes and fugitives on the run. Does Bellamy / Charity's run come to an end or has she got another ace up her sleeve and will stay one step ahead of everybody.  Find out in Book #2 They All Had a Secret by Michele Leathers and stay tuned for Book #3 They All Had a Fear. This series is great for all fans of YA thrillers from authors like Karen McManus, Sara Shepard, and Natalie D. Richards.



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