Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: Bittersweet Love - R.C Stephens

Bitter Sweet Love (Twisted, #1)

Review: Bitter Sweet Love - Book #1 Twisted - R.C Stephens - January 2015

After growing up in an abusive home , Alexis tried to cut off her heart to love as she didn't want to ever get hurt from anybody. The thing is though that she did let one person into her heart and she believed he loved her and was her saviour - that person was her next door neighbour Dylan. However , he broke her heart in pieces the night of their prom and she left to never contact him again.  Seven years have passed and she still thinks about him, but she is a different girl now. Alexis and her roommate Anna are the type of girls who have one-night stands and stand by not having or forming any attachments to protect themselves from getting hurt again. What will happen though when cousins Callen and Luc show up and what starts out fun ends up being something more as the pair finally start to open up and let someone in. The thing is though that Anna struck the jackpot with Callen as he is actually a nice guy but his cousin Luc on the other hand is shady and something is not right. What will happen though when Alexis finds herself deep with him and when danger starts to flare up, she is too deep to pull herself out ? Meanwhile, Alexis hooked up with Dylan over Thanksgiving break as the love is still there and has gotten pregnant , though of course Luc thinks it's his baby.  When the truth is revealed , can Alexis escape or has she found herself right back into the middle of the abuse cycle ?
Find out in "Bitter Sweet Love" Book #1 of the Twisted Series by R.C Stephens. This was one of those books where I just want to finish off by saying that "Even broken and damaged people deserve happiness and true love" - there is nothing wrong with being broken or damaged- you are still perfect.

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