Thursday, June 18, 2015

VBT# Cockpit by Kate Deveaux

Review: Cockpit - Kate Deveaux - June 2015

In the mood for a contemporary romance ? Sick of reading books about people aged 18-30+ ? Wanting something more mature ? Cockpit is the book for you, this is erotica romance for the 40+ audience . Captain Bobbi Cooper has been flying planes for the past 30+ years and with her romance out the window after her husband's last affair finally did it for her, she has been too busy focusing on her career. Now in her late fifties , she doubts that she will find love again but fate will surprise her at 37,000 feet above ground when after some shaky turbulence, Bobbi heads to check on the passengers and sitting in first class is none other than the guy who got away - her high school sweetheart Mack. He proposed to her , the day of their graduation and she turned him down and they went their separate ways. Mack's wife has died and now they are both free , has fate given them a second chance at happiness and true love ? 
Find out in this quickie read "Cockpit" where Love can travel across the oceans and soar through the sky and also lets readers know that no matter your age , love will always find a way to be and if you let it go , it might just find it's way back to you when you least expect it.


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