Sunday, June 21, 2015

VBT# The Accidental Assassin - Nichole Chase

Review: The Accidental Assassin - Book #1 The Assassins - Nichole Chase - December 2014

One of my favourite writers is Nichole Chase , I fell in love with her Royal series as I have a thing for those who have been living ordinary lives and then by a chance of fate or destiny, they are thrust into a world of unknown. In The Accidental Assassin we meet Ava McKenzie , who has decided that a change of lifestyle would be good for her and has decided to house-sit her friend Tessa and her new husband Danny's house for them in the UK while they are off in Italy on their honeymoon. Meanwhile we also meet Owen , who is a hired assassin and has been given the job of killing Mr Song - who is the Asian living in Tessa's building. During this time he scopes out Mr Song and ways to kill him off. While he his planning the job he stops at the coffee shop, where he notices Ava and vice versa and the two share a smile. Things though go horribly wrong for Ava as the next day she is in a rush to get to a job interview and somehow ends up an assassin's target. Join Ava and Owen who are now on the run to save their lives and discover who has painted the targets on their back and more so who wants Ava dead as for all she knows - the only connection she has left in the world is her best friend Tessa. 
The Accidental Assassin was a really fun read and I loved how Nichole Chase had also slipped in the Royalty from her other series "Suddenly Royal" etc with the Princesses visit to Liliara . 
The Accidental Assassin is the perfect read for all those girls who love Spy Novels and movies such as So Undercover , Barely Lethal , D.O.A and D.E.B.S .

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