Friday, June 12, 2015

VBT# Sight Words - LB Dunbar

Review: Sight Words - Book #5 Sensations Collection - L.B Dunbar - June 2015

Stuck in a rut of a relationship with an abusive guy, Tricia Carter has had enough and finally got the guts to dump Trent Walker. The thing though is the rest of their smalltown community , thought the sun shined out of his rear end and that their relationship was perfect. Little did they know about what went on behind closed doors. To rub it in her face though is another thing as Trent has been turning up all over town with Crystal on his arm - she is known as "one of the easy girls".  Starting a new Career, Tricia aims to focus on that and doesn't see any new guys heading her way for a while. Little does she know that it will all change when Leon Ramirez turns up in town with his two younger sisters in tow. Leon now has to raise his sisters and be the man of the house, after being forced to drop college and flee when his parents are deported back to Mexico. Starting fresh in a new town isn't easy especially when his sixteen year old sister Lena continues to make things difficult for Leon. Leon's younger sister Lissa will be put in Tricia's class at school and from there , the pair will continue seeing each other around as Leon also gets a job working for Tricia's older brother Jesse. The title comes into play with the form of post-it-notes which I thought was quite a clever and fun idea to put in the book, as throughout the novel there are quite a few moment when the characters can't explain how they are feeling due to emotions raging around, so they use post-it-notes and sight words to explain.  Sight Words is one of those not only second chance love stories, but also a story that shows that no matter where you came from or what your past is , you should never let it define you as in the Game of Love - all players are equal.


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