Thursday, June 18, 2015

VBT# California Sunrise - Casey Dawes

California Sunrise

Review: California Sunrise - Casey Dawes - June 2015

After reading California Thyme and enjoying that story, I was eager to read Casey Dawes's latest book "California Sunrise". In this book, we meet the two main characters whom each have a pressing issue and a whole lot more happening than the eye can see. For Raul who is the Doctor, he wants to help his family come over to America as they were deported when he was a teenager. Raul has dedicated his life to helping those less unfortunate and wants to see the health system work for those who need it the most. In the first chapter he meets single mother Alicia who has a son called Luis , we discover that Luis possibly as Aspergers's syndrome and reading this made me feel more connected to the story as I have personal family experience with Aspergers syndrome. She is busy trying to be a mum as well as juggling college courses to better herself in business and work at the same time - she doesn't have any time really for a social life and we read that she isn't short of wannabe suitors but of course none of them realise that she is more than a pretty face and that she has the responsibility of trying to be a good mother to her son which due to the Aspergers , her son comes across as quite difficult to handle and deal with. As the story goes along, we do see a friendship and the possibility of sparks between Raul and Alicia , but with both their family lives keeping them tied up and work . Can this pair find love together or can they afford to is more the question ? When presented with prejudice and tribulations, can this couple prove that their love is strong and will they be able to stand the test of time and of this current state of the world and their surroundings and interactions with others ?
Find out in Casey Dawes's new book "California Sunrise" as with the sunrise , a new day dawns and begins - a clean slate of happiness and wonders.


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