Saturday, June 13, 2015

Review: The Payne in the Blog - Elizabeth Lynx

Review: The Payne in the Blog - Elizabeth Lynx - March 2015

After reading Rules of Payne by Elizabeth Lynx and loving it , I decided to do some further research on the author to see what else she had written and I came across - a prequel to her book Rules of Payne called "The Payne in the Blog".  Upon further research, I discovered that the author had kept a blog and updated it from the perspective of Morgana Drake with the events that led up to her latest release. The author then decided to compile those blog posts into the book known as The Payne in the Blog. This book starts with the interview at Minir and the first meeting between Henrik Payne and Morgana Drake - she is interviewing to be his new PA and of course she faints - as we read along , we notice that Morgana isn't exactly the graceful kind of woman. She is the type that often finds herself in bad situations - unintentionally and is a grade A Klutz. I found this part quite fun to read as I can often be a  bit of a klutz now and again. The first incident occurs , the night of the holiday office party -where Mr Payne first hits on Morgana and then after a little bit of action - falls asleep on her and wakes up with a OMG what just happened. Then a few months later, the two are caught by Evelyn the HR Manager - having sex in Mr Payne's office - which causes Morgana to be fired , then she gets another job which leaves her being fired once again when Mr Payne comes in for a staff meeting and they end up having sex on the table . Aria then tries to set Morgana up with her boss Jackson, and this leads to Mr Payne knocking down a door in the name of love and you get the gist.
If you love books like the Stephanie Plum series or Charley Davidson Series - the fun quirky side of them , not the mystery side with all the criminals and trouble . Then Elizabeth Lynx's Morgana Drake is the girl for you.


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