Tuesday, June 23, 2015

VBT# Point of No Return - Olivia Luck

Point of No Return

Review: Point of No Return - Book #3 The Point Series - Olivia Luck- June 2015

For those who have read Book #2 Pressure Point, you would have caught a glimpse of happy newlywed couple Violet and Max . Max was Stella's cousin and of course Stella went on to marry Blake. Point of No Return starts with the bar scene of Violet being proposed to by Max and in the background Cam watches as the most beautiful woman in the world gets engaged, he could have anyone but the one he wants most has just said YES to a marriage proposal. A few years later , Violet is now a widow as Max passed away during a job callout. The novel then flashes to 1-2 years on and Violet is only just starting to come out of her shell and the old Sassy Violet is starting to show her true colours. Being good friends with Blake and also her late husband Max's twin brother Dom works at Blake's company - he offers her a job trial as he needs a new party planner and if anyone is top at the game for event planning it is Violet or well, she used to be. Brought onto the project is Cam who is representing the hockey team that will be the main attraction of the night. As Cam and Violet spend more time together, we can see that there is an attraction going on between them , but is Violet ready to move on from Max ? Will this project be the thing that will get Violet re-finding herself and confronting her past which includes going back to see the family that disowned her ten years ago , can Cam stay strong and prove to Violet , that when she is ready - he is there to be her second-chance at love man and that no matter how long it takes her - he will always be by her side ?
Find out in another amazing book by Olivia Luck in her The Point Series . 


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