Friday, June 12, 2015

VBT# Fair in Love - Jerry Sachar

Fair in Love

Review: Fair in Love - Jerry Sachar - May 2015

I have to firstly admit it is very rare for me that I would read a book that has a strong GLBT feel to it as it's not normally my preference to read but this book had captured me from the front cover firstly as it is like a magazine design , so a big thumbs up to the cover designer as you definitely did your job in attracting readers to the book. The second part of what drew me to the book was the country music feel to it as I adore my country and western music and band stories. In Fair in Love we meet Travis who is the youngest brother in the McAllan Brothers Band, he is a songwriter and the hottest one around. Lately though he has been a bit distant and more so since the drummer left , his brothers think that its because he needs to get laid by a chick but what they don't realise is that Travis is in fact gay and the reason he is down is because he slept with the drummer who now quit due to the incident. Meanwhile the other half of the relationship at the end will be Geoff , who is currently in a rocky road of a relationship and wants to be done with all the fake glitz and glam that Hollywood and living in Hollywood brings to the picture. When Travis and Geoff met, it's a instant feeling and the two start seeing each other on the sly - but what will happen when their secret lives are leaked to the tabloids. Can Travis and Geoff embrace the backlash and publicity that will follow when they are announced that firstly Travis is Gay and secondly he is in love with Geoff. 
Jerry Sachar's brings to the table a book that shows readers that in the Game of Relationships - all is "Fair in Love" and War, but True Love will always Triumph.


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