Thursday, June 25, 2015

VBT# Rule Breaker - Harper Kincaid

Review: Rule Breaker - Book #1 Break on Through - Harper Kincaid - March 2015
One of the things I love about reading is that every now and again, you pick up a book that you might not have read before as the author is unknown to you, but there is something about the book that draws you. You , then open the book up and start reading and you find yourself not being able to put it down. That's when you know that you have stumbled upon an amazing read and a new favourite author. For me, Rule Breaker was that book and Harper Kincaid was that author. In Rule Breaker, we are introduced to Lauren who is sitting in a biker bar - in an amazing outfit all by herself on New Years Eve. Turns out that she has just been dumped by her boyfriend. Now armed with her mother's dating rules, Lauren plans to follow them and make 2015 her year of finding a "real stable man" , someone she can love and rely on and not a fling or one-night stand type of guy. That is until , she notices a handsome man walk into the pub and their eyes connect. She thinks that this will be her final fling before she starts her new year's resolution . Jackson aka Jax Sullivan is the owner of the bar and he has his eyes and heart set on Lauren and he isn't the type of guy to do "casual" , if he finds himself attracted and wanting - then he's 100% in. So begins the start of a whirlwind romance where the rules have been chucked out the window - that is until dramaville steps in and Lauren finds herself retreating back into her shell and running away. Can Jackson prove to Lauren that she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with and not his ex-fiancee Lexi ? What will happen though when they get back on track and Lexi shows up with another bombshell of pregnancy ? Will this be the final straw for Lauren or will Jackson stand by his girl and prove to Lauren that when it comes to their love - it's worth breaking every single rule for and a whole lot more.

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