Friday, June 26, 2015

VBT# Core Attraction - Ashlinn Craven

Core Attraction

Review: Core Attraction - Ashlinn Craven - April 2015

Can two people with two different opinions and very different opinions at that ever fall in love ? Can they ever find a common ground in order to sustain a happy romance with each other ? Core Attraction by Ashlinn Craven is that type of story where opposites really do attract as we meet Dr. Declan MacCarthy aka our Dr McDreamy and Fiona Halpin. Fiona Halpin dreams of having the perfect life with a great house , an awesome job and a perfect husband but she never dreamed that she would find her perfect man this way as Fiona currently works for a power plant as the Public Relations officer and her job is about to get a lot harder when Declan MacCarthy turns up from his holiday and life in Japan to settle back down in his hometown in Ireland - yes, he even has that swoonworthy Irish accent, where he has settled into helping Cancer patients and right now the town is in an uproar due to the power plant as the radiation is causing nasty effects on the cancer patients . So Declan decides to join in on the campaign to shut it down which of course includes numerous pamphlet drops and protests, this is where Fiona comes in as it's her job to do damage control and soften the impact from the protestors and it's not going to be easy as she falls for Declan and vice versa, but Fiona is not one to go down without a fight ? Can the pair of them work things out or will their company rivalry be enough to tear what inkling of romance and core attraction they have for each other ? 
Find out in this lovely romance read , which is perfect as I am in Winter for those cold nights where you just want to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and a lovely sweet romantic read to keep your heart warm and toasty.


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