Thursday, June 25, 2015

VBT# Daisy and the Front Man - Rebekah L. Purdy

Review: Daisy and the Front Man - Book #3 Backstage Pass - Rebekah L Purdy - June 2015

Imagine if you won a competiton for your favourite singer to take you to your homecoming, how excited would you be ? Especially if there are reporters waiting to film it ? Now sit back and imagine what would happen if that singer cancelled on you and didn't even give you enough pre-warning ? How embarrasing would that be ? For Daisy, that is what happened to her after she won a recycling competition and the prize was for Trevin from the band Seconds to Juliet taking her to homecoming. After his stand-up , her life was made hell at school and she suffered endless bullying and taunts. She hated Trevin with a vengeance and boy bands. He was also the first person to break her heart. Now Summer is here and her mother is getting married and travelling , this mean that Daisy has to spend all summer with her Dad "Beau" - he is the bodyguard for the band Seconds to Juliet which means of course - she also has to spend all summer with the one guy she hates most in the world "Trevin". The only thing she can do now is make sure she gets her revenge on him and humilates him and make him suffer the way she did. This is going to be an interesting task though as Trevin has his eyes set on Daisy but can't understand why she hates him so much.  What will happen though when the two start to spend alot more time together and things are going well and he stands her up again ? Will this incident push Daisy to the brink and cause her to do something that she might regret or will she finally get her revenge on Trevin after he breaks her heart again ? 
I do have to add one thing though, the manager of the band LJ - urgh, I hate his character as he is slimy and will do anything for publicity - he reminds me of Paul Giamatti in Rock of Ages ( Stacy Jax's manager).


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