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VBT # Burnt Edges - Dana Leipold

Burnt Edges

Review: Burnt Edges - Dana Leipold - October 2014

Im not normally one for reading books about the past, but the way that Burnt Edges was written was almost like reading a contemporary novel rather than one set in the 1960's. This is the story of Laurel Lee Page, whom as the oldest daughter was subjected to abuse by her father - mainly sexual but also physical. As we read we discover that her dad was part of the war and when he came back, he was a different man and more prone to violence and outbursts. The character that I hated most in this book was Laurel's mother as she acted like everything that happened was Laurel's fault and she never seemed to be smiling as the book did go on, I wondered if this was because her husband seemed to pay more attention to Laurel, than he did his wife. As the story goes through the years, we read as Laurel's brother Rusty heads off the serve in the Vietnam War and Laurel leaves home and falls in love with Dave. Dave is off to train as a soldier as well and serve the country, so they get engaged before he leaves for training. During this time Laurel meets Paul - one of her co-workers and despite Laurel's attempts at warning him off her , he keeps persevering and asking her out as friends. As they get to know each other, it seems that Paul is the only guy she has ever met that genuinely loves her for her and they sleep together which leaves Laurel pregnant ? Will she break her engagement off with Dave and be with Paul and her baby to be or will she head back to Dave and say sayonara to Paul and a life with him ?
Find out in Burnt Edges by Dana Leipold today. Burnt Edges was the type of story that will stay with you and in parts, make your eyes tear and if you have suffered abuse yourself - in parts you will reasonate what the character is going through.


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