Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: Chosen at Nightfall - C.C Hunter


Review: Chosen at Nightfall - Book #5 Shadow Falls Series - C.C Hunter - April 2013

As I now come to the end of this series, it's almost sad to see it finish as when you read a series from start to finish, you become invested in the characters and often feel like they are a part of your fictional lives and when the series finishes, you find yourself a bit sad as it's like OMG no more of the characters - what will I do , and this lasts until you find a new series to follow or if you are lucky enough - often the author can do a spin-off series . In Chosen at Nightfall, we read as Kylie makes the heartbreaking decision to head back to Shadow Falls Camp and leave her "real Grandfather and Aunt" and the other Chameleons behind, as she doesn't want to keep running for her life. Her mother is off travelling to England, but when Kylie discovers the truth about John and his background, can Kylie get to her mother and show her the truth before she ends up another loved one Kylie will have to bury ? Chosen at Nightfall is a discovery for Kylie to learn more about her powers. This book though is not free of drama as we have attacks, pregnancy, love triangles and of course ghosts and a floating sword. 
Another great book in the Shadow Falls Series and a good conclusion to the series.


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