Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: Behind Your Back - Chelsea M. Cameron

Review: Behind Your Back - Book #1 Behind Your Back - Chelsea M. Cameron - May 2015

For Sylas aka Quinn Brand and his buddies , they have for years been conning people out of their money - the rich , the greedy and the powerful - the criminals of the rich world. Each with their part to play, Quinn is the frontman and his buddy Cash - the tech guy. His latest mark is a guy who has been funding crime lords and Quinn's way to get to him is through his daughter Saige as that is the one thing he holds dear to the world. So Quinn starts up a conversation with Saige at the local coffee shop and soon he becomes more involved with her than he planned to be , there is something there holding him and drawing him to her. Can he afford to get close or will it start to cloud his judgement and skills ? Meanwhile , it seems that someone on the outside has knowledge to what Quinn and the guys are doing and has made Quinn his target with threatning messages , emails and stalker photos. With the stakes high  and trouble looming, the guys should really pack up and leave but Saige is still niggling at Quinn's brain. What will happen though when his stalker turns out to be someone he thought he could trust ? Will Quinn survive the stalker or will his secret - the care of his sister be aired out into the open and her life and his friends at risk because of his one stupid mistake to trust.
I did not expect the twist in this story, but am now looking forward to reading Book #2 - Back to Back.
 If you love New Adult, Edgy Stories and Romantic Suspenses - then Chelsea M. Cameron's Behind your Back is the book for you.


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