Friday, June 26, 2015

VBT# More than Water - Renee Ericson

Review: More than Water - Renee Ericson - June 2015

They couldn't be far from each other personality wise but when fate throws them together as they both work in the college campus library , they will soon discover that they are more than water together. The book starts with EJ aka Evelyn Cunning - a Art History major who arrives back to surprise her musician boyfriend - only to find his tongue down another girl's throat. EJ then gets a job at the college library and meets Foster Blake - your average hot and sexy nerd who is studying Chemical Engineering. Over the first part of the book, we read as they two have their flirtation banter at work and eventually they meet outside of school and work at the local bar. During the night, EJ meets Foster's friends and soon they are horribly drunk which leads to EJ and Foster sleeping together. Now neither of them do "relationships" per se, so they enter into a Friends with Benefits and no strings attached agreement. Though of course, as a voracious reader we can all guess where this is going to end , but then the clincher happens where EJ and Foster are hiding their backgrounds and family information from each other. For once in her life , she just wishes her parents would let her make her own decisions about where she wants to go to College or who to date and Foster is the guy she wants , but what will happen when her family meets Foster's family and they think he is the suitable choice for her - stripping her of the one decision she wants to make on her own. Can Foster prove to EJ that the love they have for each other is real and that it's their choice and no-one elses ? Or will EJ's distaste for her family and what they stand for , stand in the way of her true chance at love and happiness ?
Find out in "More than Water" a NA College Romance by Renee Ericson.

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