Friday, June 26, 2015

VBT# Between Loves - Cynthia Austin

Between Loves (The Pendant Series, # 2)

Review: Between Loves - Book #2 The Pendant Series - Cynthia Austin - June 2015

Since finding The Pendant and leaving school , Sidney's life has started to fall apart and spiral down especially after she discovered that her boyfriend Ray had been unfaithful and despite in Between Loves his aimless efforts to try and win her back , he still seems to be getting a little bit of Lily on the side. Will Ray be able to prove to Sidney that he really does love and care for her ? What will happen though with Sidney's choices now that Adrian is in the picture and she is continuing to have the weird dreams about Samuael and Eve. By this time the reader has guessed that the pendant is the same one that Samuael gives Eve and tells her to continue passing it down through the bloodline as one day he will find her and be with her. This made me wonder if the time is now and that Adrian is in fact Samuael in this life and Sidney is Eve as there is a magnetic connection between them.  Though life is about to get a litte harder for Sidney when someone breaks into her house and kills her Grandmother's nurse. Sidney wakes up in hospital , but is there still a death threat hanging over her head and where is the threat coming from , especially now that Ray is a bigtime music star and has adoring fans and groupies - one in particular Lily Lavelle ?
Like the first book Between Dreams , Between Loves which is second in the trilogy - also finishes on a major cliffhanger, so readers beware...

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