Monday, June 22, 2015

Review: Miss Mabel's School for Girls - Katie Cross


Review: Miss Mabel's School For Girls - Book #1 The Network Series - Katie Cross - April 2015

Generations ago , Bianca's grandmother went to the Miss Mabel's School for Girls but during that time was a nasty regime and for those who stood up for what was right ended up either hurt , killed or cursed. For Bianca , her Grandmother was cursed with what was called "A Generation Curse" , this was harm three generations of females and if the curse was not broken by the time the third generation of female reached seventeen - then she would die.  At sixteen , with only one year left to go - Bianca has managed to score herself a place at the Miss Mabel's School for Girls. Now this isn't just any odd school, but a school for the gifted and witches. Each year there is a competition for a student to win the chance to become Miss Mabel's teaching assistant and Bianca believes if she wins, she can get Miss Mabel to stop the curse. The thing is though that normally this competition is only open to third year students due to the level of activities and knowledge , and Bianca is only a first year student, not to mention it's her first week as well. What will happen when Bianca puts her hand up to enter ? Can Bianca prove to the others that she can handle any challenge thrown her way ? Will she be able to get the curse reversed and not die next year and watch her mother suffer the same fate as her grandmother ?
Find out in this fast-paced, boarding school for witches novel , that with the challenge is similar to The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner.


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