Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Review: Beast - Alana Albertson

When I saw that Alana Albertson had a new book out , I wanted to read it for two reasons - the first is that I have enjoyed her previous works and the second was that I am a sucker for anything remotely fairytale rendition-like. When I read the write-up of Beast , it mentioned having a loose spin on the fairytale Beauty and the Beast - which is also one of my top three Fairytales.  In Beast - we meet "The Beast" which is former Marine Grady Williams , who was on tour and suffered quite severe injuries when his team were raiding a house and a grenade went off. Grady is considered now a War Hero and is the youngest ever to recieve a Purple Heart. The thing though is that with this honour comes alot of attention which is the last thing he wants considering he looks like a cross between The Incredible Hulk Meets Arrow - if you could imagine Oliver Queen's Scars all over himself including his face which looks a little like Two-Faced Harvey Dent.  While out at a costume party , he meets Isabella Cuesta - the two have a good time together , until she sees Grady without his mask. It freaks her out and she runs. However, Isabella can't stay away as she will be back especially when she starts to look past the scars and see the real Grady.  The book continues as we discover they both have a problem on their hands and each one can be their solution as Grady needs a a fake girlfriend and a date to the Marines Ball in Hawaii and Isabella needs help with her tuition fund as her father has wiped her accounts and savings.  They agree to help one another , but as the story goes along - we discover that their feelings for one another start to grow and eventually forms into love. What will happen though when secrets and hidden truths are revealed and it starts to tear them apart ? Can Isabella prove to Grady that she loves him for him and not for the glory and opportunities that come attached to his name ? Find out in this amazing book which in parts will have you captivated with it's intense romantic suspense and in happiness when you realise that Grady and Isabella are meant to have an HEA .

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