Tuesday, July 26, 2016

VBT # Rookie Mistake - Dakota Madison


Rookie Mistake (California Dreamers, #4)

Review: Rookie Mistake - Book #4 California Dreamers Series - Dakota Madison - June 2016

You know how you come across an author and he/she begins to become one of your favourites and no matter what is written by them, you know you will love. One of those for me is Dakota Madison - which is a pen name for an author whom has a few pen-names and I love all of her books. In the California Dreamers series, we meet a handful of characters with big dreams but life has a way of chucking obstacles in their way in order to achieve those dreams. You may recall the two police officers Navarro and Jackson from her Book #2 - So Far Away (Maddie's story) , they were the police officers that rescued her boss's cat from the tree. That moment has a cross-over into Rookie Mistake. The book starts off with Maya Navarro being dumped once again and her best friend telling her they need to hit a club far far away and she must have rebound sex. Maya and her friend visit a country bar where she meets CJ and they hit if off and eventually back to his place for a bit of a midnight nookie. They then go their separate ways and Maya is hoping she doesn't run into him again, whereas CJ swears he will see her again soon. What they don't discover till the next day is that CJ is a new Rookie and he has been paired up with none other than Maya Navarro. Of course there is chemistry and tension, but Maya can't let it get to her as she has worked the past seven years trying to get respect as a female cop and isn't going to let her one night stand cause it to disappear down the drain.  Can the pair come to an agreement that it was a Rookie Mistake or is this the start of a blooming relationship that started from a Rookie Mistake but turned into something amazing ? 
Find out in Book #4 of the California Dreamers Series by Dakota Madison. An Author whose books are always worth the read.

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