Monday, July 18, 2016

The Phantom Paragrapher Turns Six !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Phantom Paragrapher Turns Six !!!!

Hi all, I thought I would write a little celebration about The Phantom Paragrapher and have a recap to talk about the past six years.

Thinking back, six years ago I started this blog as a way to write book reviews for my library books as I wanted a way to record what I had read and share it with the world and thought what better way to do that than to write book reviews. 

And so I began........... jump six months later :

Six months later, my inbox started to flood in with requests from people all around the world asking me to write book reviews on their books as they had seen my site and loved my reviews. 

 Due to this I then had to write myself up a review policy to put on the site . At this moment, was when I first felt that I achieved something great, as my site was getting recognised.

Later down on the track came a book blog competition and I was surprised to see that my site had been nominated , I watched it as my blog went through all the rounds as the numbers dwindled down and then eventually my blog was in the Top Ten finalists - then lastly, it ended up being voted as Number #5 for best book related blogs .
Being in New Zealand, this was amazing as the other sites were American blogs. 

Then I got a Yahoo NZ article published about my blog site "The Phantom Paragrapher". 

Then six years later, here I am with over 5000+ books read and reviewed, I have had book characters based or named after me , met online and IRL authors whom books I have read , I have an awesome group of Facebook Friends and connections and now thanks to some of the authors , I am busy trying to fundraise to attend the RT2017 in Atlanta, Georgia which is one of the biggest week-long book blogging/author conferences.

Also in Blogging Years , Six is a big number to continue going strong as many book blogs especially these days , tend to lose either A) momentum or B) start to die out over the first few years as the bloggers get burnt out.

I hope to continue this blogging adventure for many more years to come :)


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