Friday, July 15, 2016

VBT# Hometown Girls: New Beginnings - Tressa Messenger

Hometown Girls: Beginnings (Hometown Girls Series Book 1)

Review: Hometown Girls: New  Beginnings - Book #1 Hometown Girls Series - Tressa Messenger - March 2015

Once upon a time there were four best friends whose goal for their last year of high school was to have fun and rock it and have the best year ever before they all went their separate ways to college. These four girls ruled the school and one in particular was the Queen Bee - Marissa Lou.  Marissa Lou had everything she ever wanted and what she considered the perfect life and plan for the future as she had a great boyfriend Daniel - who was the star quarterback, great friends and her and Daniel would be going off to the same college and eventually have a future together. That was until it all fell apart , when Marissa's friend Katie came back after Summer - shedding her tomboy look and turning all the boys looks as underneath her sports clothes etc - she was stunning.  Marissa wanting to do good by her friend and thinking she had nothing to worry about allowed Katie to get a job working with Daniel. Over time though Katie starts to fall hard for Daniel and it becomes apparent that he has strong feelings for Katie too.  Not wanting to hurt Marissa's feelings, they keep it hidden but she's not stupid and knows that something is up and gives them her permission to date and get it out of their system as she believes it's a lust phase. Turns out it's more than lust and Marissa is soon pushed to the side and she starts to date Bad Boy Randy. What happens next is friendships are torn , allegiances are formed and both Katie and Marissa will have problems created that will cause a long-term affect and ones they never could have imagined ever happening to them - especially not in their Senior Year.  Hometow Girls: New Beginnings ends on a cliffhanger and now I can't wait to read Book #2 in the Hometown Girls series and see where Katie and Marissa's solutions to their problems have led them .

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