Monday, July 18, 2016

VBT# Hiding out in Hollywood - Jennifer Farwell

Hiding Out In Hollywood (A Hollywood Dating Story #2)

Review: Hiding out in Hollywood - Book #2 A Hollywood Dating Story - Jennifer Farwell - April 2016

After the whole fiasco with Cory Sampson and Jesse Cinders, whom she thought she could trust and were her friends but turned out to be only using her - Emily Watts lost everything she had worked for as her advertisers and site content pulled out and her website Zeeked ended up going under as they didn't want to be associated with someone whom the tabloids were hating on. Emily changed her whole routine after hiding out, including her Yoga class and has been attending a morning session instead. In her class is movie star Raine Kingston and it seems he has his eyes set on Emily but of course she doesn't want anything to do with him especially since she is finally thanks to Wally and his website - getting her life back on track and is happy with the quiet anonymity. What will happen though when she discovers that Raine won't take no for an answer ? Can Raine help Emily and prove to her that hiding only fuels their fires and that it will be yesterday's news ? Unfortunately though for Emily - it seems that the exes have a new song out that they have joined forces on and so it seems that she may be floating around for a while now.  Can Raine get Emily out of her shell and show her that not all Hollywood stars and famous people are bad ? 
Find out in this cutesy sweet romance story by Jennifer Farwell. 

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