Thursday, July 21, 2016

VBT# Tell Me A Desire - Episode #2 - Tamara Lush

Tell Me a Desire - The Story Series: EPISODE TWO

Review: Tell Me A Desire -# Episode Two - Tamara Lush - July 2016

Emma's bookstore has been saved and her relationship with Caleb is going well and Sarah has just finished her degree and her relationship is going strong also. However, Emma has been thinking lately about commitment as though their relationship is strong, he has yet to make any suggestions towards marriage or even children. Emma thought that she wasn't ready to be a mum but lately it has been on her mind and after her latest doctor's visit where she was told her biological clock is ticking , it has been screwing with her thoughts . Have they got a good thing going or is Caleb scared of commitment ? The thing is though that Caleb has been married before and believes that it was the whole "marriage" idea that screwed up his first relationship.  On the Sarah front , their relationship is going strong and they have been considering IVF and starting a family.  What will happen though when Emma goes to get vaccines for a trip with Caleb to Brazil , only to discover she is five-six weeks pregnant ? Will Caleb be supportive of the new addition to the family ? Will he be ready for a baby or does he not want children as it hasn't been discussed ?
Find out all this and more in Episode #2 of The Story Series by Tamara Lush and reading a sneak peek into #Episode Three - I cannot wait to read the book as it seems like it will be an intense read.

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