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Teenage Temptation & Personal Honor

Review: Teenage Temptation and Personal Honor - Meena Jelks - May 2016

Are you in the mood for a clean teen read ? One that all of us who have ever had a crush on someone will relate too ? . Growing up , I found myself in a way a little like the main character Gaby, where I had crushes from afar but never acted on them. I had a lot of friends in my group who dated quite a bit, but myself was never experienced in that field as my family's rules stopped me from being able to participate. The main character Gaby is your usual high achiever and good girl and she has a secret, for years she has been crushing hard on her best friend Anna's brother Josh. This year, the three of them are going to be camp counsellors at the same camp. Is this the summer where Gaby can finally tell Josh how she feels or will she continue to keep the secret to herself ? . What I really loved about this book as you can guess from the title is that it's about a crossroads novel where Gaby must decide if she will change herself and what she believes in for a guy and compromise who she is and her personal honor or will she stand for what she believes in and not let herself be changed as a person for the sake of getting the guy she has had a crush on ? This teen book, I believe should be read by every female aged 13-16+ as it talks about holding onto your integrity and not making yourself an easy target and losing parts of yourself to suit others.
If you had unlimited access to the guy of your dreams , but had to change your morals and values - would you ?
Find out what road Gaby took in "Teenage Temptation and Personal Honor" by Meena Jelks.


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