Thursday, July 21, 2016

VBT# A Second Chance - Dana K. Ray

Growing up Raven, went along to church and followed the Christian life but then tragedy struck close to her and her life went downhill from there as she blamed God, where was he and why did he let this happen - we know, the same lines that people always say when they have lived the Christian life and want a cop-out and they turn and blame God. During this time Raven turned to a life of partying, drinking and drugs.  One evening at a party, to shut her friend Travis up she agreed to go to church with him on the Sunday. The next day, Travis knocks on the door bright and early - ready to take Raven to church. Not going back on her promise, she reluctantly agrees but when she gets to church and sees the new pastor Matthew - he is like a Greek God. Not only that, some of his sermons have seemed like they are made especially for her. As the book goes along, we read as Raven and Matthew feel a strong connection but are both sort of repulsed by each other's life choices as for Matthew - a Pastor can't be seen hanging out let alone dating a party girl as he has a reputation in the community to uphold and has to be seen as following God's word. Can Raven and Matthew get through their ups and downs and prove that their love for one another is real and in the process - they may just change each other for the better? A Second Chance was a good edgy Christian Fiction novel where sometimes in order to learn to forgive ourselves and move forward and find our way back to God - we all just need a little push back to the correct path and if we really do want to make a change - we will continue down the right path and not steer onto the same mistakes avenue.

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