Monday, July 25, 2016

VBT # Beyond Dead - Jordania Sydney Robinson

Beyond Dead: A Bridget Sway Novel (Bridget Sway Series Book 1)

Review: Beyond Dead - Book #1 Bridget Sway Series - Jordania Sydney Robinson - March 2016

On the day Bridget died her life was the worst day ever, not only did it finish in her dying but moments before she had discovered her boyfriend cheating on her and when she walked out of her house she was hit by a bus when crossing the road. Now in limbo - Bridget has discovered that even in death, you have to work for a living as everyone is assigned jobs. Turns out though that being dead isn't actually fun as Bridget is about to discover that not only has she rules , a curfew and a guardian who acts like their parole officer - the dead have  police and the GB's which are like the FBI version and guess what - yep you can officially die  more than once as someone is out there killing ghosts and it seems that Bridget is the number #1 suspect. With the help of her new friend - also recently deceased and a former PI can they solve the crime of who is killing the ghosts and making them deader and who wants to frame Bridget and why, especially for the fact that she has only just turned up dead and has no reason, that she knows of for being framed of Ghost-Murder .  Beyond Dead was a mixture of Romantic Comedy, Chick Lit and Paranormal romance and was a fun read .

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