Friday, July 22, 2016

VBT# Roomie Wars - Kat T. Masen


Roomie Wars

Review: Roomie Wars - Kat .T. Masen - July 2016

When Zoey first put out an ad for a roommate , she wanted a male as she needed someone who wouldn't cause a lot of drama. It came down to two contestants - Mr. Blue Eyes -Sex God Liam and Andrew - The Geeky Med Student. Zoey chose Andrew as she decided that there wouldn't be any chance of romantic feelings between the two. I have to admit , I did hope that we would have seen a bit more of Liam or at least a cameo later down the track in the book. The book then jumps five years in the future and Zoey is nearing thirty and her life isn't going as she had planned it as she has been in a funk since she caught her now ex-boyfriend Jess sleeping with her friend.  Andrew on the other hand is now a sexy doctor after going on a health kick and working out , he has now dropped the "An" in front of his name and no longer looks like the nerdy guy who moved into the apartment five years ago. In fact , we are now seeing some sparks fly. The rest of the novel is tension and unresolved romantic feelings between Drew and Zoey and then what will happen though when Zoey is offered the job role of a lifetime ? Will she take it and live HEA or will the job cause a rift between the two friends causing a major fallout.  The other thing I loved is that I could in a way relate to the character of Zoey as I am nearly thirty myself (will be next year) and I too don't have a husband or children and I definitely had planned something better than my current job -but life never really goes according the plans. The other thing I loved about Zoey was that Kat. T. Masen had her loving characters like Rainbow Brite - which like Zoey, I too own a Rainbow Brite T-shirt and the fact that Zoey had a My Little Pony tattoo - I have always wanted this, but am afraid of needles to get a tattoo myself.
Check out this month's issue of "Roomie Wars" by Kat. T. Masen to find out the ending of the Zoey and Drew debacle.


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