Friday, July 22, 2016

VBT# Hitched -Volume #2 - Kendall Ryan

Hitched: Volume Two (Imperfect Love, #2)

Review: Hitched - Volume #2 Imperfect Love Series - Kendall Ryan - July 2016

At the end of Hitched Volume One we were left with Noah standing at the altar as Olivia hadn't turned up for their wedding , he believed she had gotten cold feet after completely reading the contract including the "inheritance and child clause" , but in fact Olivia was scared off by Brad as he threatened to expose naked selfies she had sexted him while they were dating if she didn't sell over their business.  I had hoped that they would get more into the relationship side of things and touch on the child clause, though after finishing Hitched #2 it does make me wonder whether or not that Olivia and Noah will succeed as a couple and be able to pull it off as it always seems like Olivia is two steps behind Noah and she seems so cold and businesslike whereas Noah wants to give it 100% and deep down he actually loves Olivia whereas for her it seems as a ends to a mean , she also doesn't connect well to the other characters for me to like her as such. I am interested to see where Volume #3 takes us and to see whether or not the 90 day Child Clause will be completed as Volume #2 ends on a cliffhanger I shall call the Condom and Needle Mistake Debacle.

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