Friday, July 29, 2016

VBT# Fool For You - Rina Gray

Fool for You (Crush on You)

Review: Fool For You - Book #1 Crush on You Series - Rina Gray - July 2016

Melanie Foster's life is now on track and she seems to be getting everything she has ever wanted - the best job working for bomb.com after working her way up through a chain of sport journalists and proving that though she is a female she is great at her job , the only thing missing from her life is a husband and she has the perfect guy in mind. For years Melanie has crushed on her best friend Damien but has always been too shy to do anything about it. Now she has a plan in mind and a goal to set her mind on titled Operation : I'm Gonna Make You Love Me , the goal is to get Damien to discover that his feelings of friendship are in fact unrepressed love and that he can't live without her.  The thing is though that someone has beaten Melanie to the goal and now she must work ten times harder to get Damien to realise that Melanie is his "one". Damien has been dating the boss's daughter for the last couple of months and dating is a loose term as he isn't looking to settle down but when an organisation he cares deeply about is in financial trouble and the only way to save them is to strike a deal with his boss who also by the way is dying. Damien agrees and suddenly finds himself engaged to Vanessa- the boss's daughter. Is Damien ready to marry Vanessa though and can he see a future with her ? What will happen when he suddenly has two women vying for his attention - one he knows that deep down he loves and cares about and the other that will save an organisation dear to his heart and has helped and will continue to help many more ? Will Damien follow his heart or his head ? Will he go with practical and logic over true love and romance ?
Find out which girl will win Damien's hand in marriage and be the one walking down the aisle with him in the first book in a new series "Crush on You" . 

Book #1 Fool For You by Rina Gray.

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