Friday, July 15, 2016

Review: Invincible - Alana Albertson

Every so often you discover a new author and you find yourself loving all their works and then if you are like me, you then find yourself buying all of their books . One of those authors for myself is Alana Albertson. In Invincible , she takes us into the world of human trafficking in Aruba. In Aruba, we meet Navy SEAL Patrick Walsh who is single and unattached, on his days off and the times he is in town - he likes to hook-up with the women/ prostitutes at the local brothel. He has always thought that the women who were part of this industry, were there on their own accord. However, one encounter with Annie Hamilton and he will discover that all is not what it seems especially when it turns out that Annie is an American Citizen who was kidnapped five years ago in Aruba while on her Spring Break with her boyfriend at the time. Back home, everyone thought she was dead and her boyfriend had murdered her, however with no proof - nothing came about with that accusation.  Patrick despite the fact that he could lose his job, decides it is his job to save her and get her away from Aruba and back home to California. Turns out though, Annie's family aren't all that they seem and now Patrick must decide that in order to save the woman he loves - he must take her as his own. Will things between Patrick and Annie stay the same when Annie returns home and her old life ? Has being in Aruba the past five years changed Annie into a different person, one that doesn't fit into her family's perfect cookie-cutter mold ? Find out in Invincible by Alana Albertson - Book #1 in the Trident Code.  A great romantic suspense that you will not be able to put down.

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