Review: Advice from a Jilted Bride - Piper Rayne

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Advice from a Jilted Bride (The Baileys #2)

Review: Advice from a Jilted Bride - Book #2 The Baileys - Piper Rayne - March 2019

A favorite author of mine is the duo known as Piper Rayne as their series have the right amount and balance of humor and seriousness. You also feel connected to the whole characters and have this strong sense of friendship and family values throughout all their different series. Advice from a Jilted Bride is Book #2 in her new series "The Baileys' which are a family of siblings - nine of them who were left to bind together and raise one another when their parents died in a tragedy together. Book #1 was Austin's story, and now Book #2 is Brooklyn's. Brooklyn was due to get married today but instead found herself stood up at the altar and her groom decided to send her a text - I'm not coming. With all eyes on her, she rushes out and heads to the apartment they were meant to share and of course, what does every angry person do in a relationship? She chucks his stuff outside, one of the items hits her new neighbor Wyatt. Wyatt is in town working undercover at the local hotel as his family has brought the building and now Wyatt has been sent by his father to look at how they can get it out of the red and start turning a profit. Wyatt didn't come to town looking for love and Brooklyn is nowhere near ready to jump into a relationship with someone new or are they? The two of them have some strong chemistry bouncing off the pages, but are they prepared to start a relationship? I liked this book, even more so than the first as the family bonded together in this book for Brooklyn and you could see the love for one another radiating off the pages. This book also ends in a major cliffhanger to prepare you for Book #3 which had me going OMFG, and now I can't wait for Book #3 Advice from a Baby Daddy to arrive.


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