Review: That Night - Cyn Balog

That Night

Review: That Night - Cyn Balog - June 2019
Ever since the pair of them were young, Hailey and Kane have been inseparable and the best of friends. They were also each other's first when they were fifteen. It happened, and they never talked about it again. The pair though they were considered in different cliques as Kane was the boy everyone wanted and Hailey was one of the normal they were still friends. Then summer happened, and Kane's dad got married, and he acquired a new stepbrother who was a couple of years older than him - Declan. All of a sudden everyone wanted a piece of Declan and Hailey fell hard for him. The pair started dating, and Kane began dating Hailey's on/off again friend Luisa. Then fast forward a year later, and it's Valentine's day, and Declan is found dead. He supposedly has committed suicide.  The book fast forwards to a year after the incident and Hailey is trying to settle back into normal life and routine when Declan's mother gives her a box of his stuff. Inside is a photograph which states "It ends here now." This propels Hailey into trying to figure out what happened as the Declan she remembers would never have committed suicide.  Along the way, we learn that Hailey has selective amnesia and can't remember a few months leading up to the incident. Will Hailey be ready to learn the awful truth and that her fairytale romance of Declan wasn't all roses and happiness and that sometimes the truth is better off hidden? That Night was a long YA read but worth the suspense at the end and makes you question two things, what would you do to protect the one you love if they were in trouble and do we know the ones we love, their deep dark secrets and skeletons in their closets?


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