Saturday, March 30, 2019

Review: Mostly Sunny - Jamie Pope

Mostly Sunny

Review: Mostly Sunny - Jamie Pope - September 2018
Sunny is now a social worker with a passion for helping children. Once she turned 18 and started studying she has dedicated her whole life to helping others. For Sunny this is personal as when she was a child, she grew up in an unstable home with a mother who had mental health issues. When she was little, her mother abandoned her and Sunny was found hiding in the closet by some friendly Police Officers. From there, Sunny was put into foster care and eventually found a great home where she lived until her foster mother passed away. Sunny has found herself attached and heavily invested in a little girl Grace's care. Grace reminds Sunny a lot of herself and has finally found a loving home with a mother who wants to adopt her. The thing is though that Grace's birth mother has tracked her down and is sending money and letters telling Grace that she will be back for her and telling her to foster mother thank you for looking after her little girl. Sunny becomes actively involved and gets the idea in her head that Grace may be her long-lost sister as like her Grace calls her Mum - Mama, and her parents were mixed race. Sunny employs the help of top rising attorney Julian King and in doing so will show Julian what it is to love one another sincerely and that underneath all the hardness he can still enjoy true romance, and that love does not have to act like a business transaction. I have to admit I had high hopes for the book and felt a bit disappointed with the ending and had imagined it taking a different turn. I do hope that we get more of Sunny's story and that we find out what happened to her mother once and for all, as seems like she had fallen off the face of the earth.

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