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Review: Finding Grace - Becky Citra

Finding Grace

Review: Finding Grace - Gutsy Girls Book - Becky Citra - March 2014

At first reading of the blurb, I thought that this book might have been a bit of a Parent Trap styled text with the main characters being long-lost twins. The book starts with Hope having to create a family tree - of course; she fakes it as all her family contains herself, mother and grandmother. For as long as she can remember it has always been just the three of them, and she has relied a lot on her grandmother as her mother has dark days. Hope's release is writing letters to her imaginary friend Grace whom she has had since she was three years old. When Hope's grandmother suddenly passes, and they move into her house, she finds an envelope with photos of a girl who looks just like her except her name is Grace - just like her imaginary friend. Soon Hope will learn the dark truth behind Grace and how she was separated from birth with her twin sister and that all these years, that dark secret is why her mother has had her "dark days." What will happen though when Hope tracks down Grace? Will it be a happy reunion? I have to admit I was a little disappointed at the end and also the initial meeting of Hope and Grace and had wished that the author had taken a different angle to the story. Though this book premise and cover seems juvenile, it was aimed at the older audience from 16+.

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