Review: Hearts Abroad - Skye McNeil

Hearts Abroad (The Atlas Series #1)

Review: Hearts Abroad - Book #1 Atlas Series - Skye McNeil - February 2019
Londyn Bellarose's dream was to one day become a famous playwright and have her play directed and chosen for Broadway. Imagine her demise when she discovers that her ex-boyfriend has sent in her play under his name and ended up winning the chance for the play to be directed. Needing a break away from the theatre world, Londyn heads home to her small town and visits her aunt who raised her. While on vacation, she realizes she needs a job - something to keep her busy and with her experience of nannying she applies for a Nanny gig. The Nanny gig is looking after two young girls for the summer as their father travels around for business all around the world. When Londyn meets the girls, she clicks straight away, and they love her as she isn't like any of the awful nannies they have had before. Londyn is a breath of fresh air, and this may also be the cure for their father Callum who always seems to be in work mode. As the summer moves along, Callum will learn to balance family and work, and we have a possible hint of romance blossoming. Can Callum open his wounded heart to Londyn or will he keep comparing her to the girl's mother who left them when her dream career came true?
Find out in Book #1 of the Atlas Series "Hearts Abroad."


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