Saturday, March 23, 2019

Review: The Perfect Candidate - Peter Stone

The Perfect Candidate

Review: The Perfect Candidate - Peter Stone - October 2018

At first glance, this book didn't look fascinating as such but turning over to the back cover and reading the tagline " John Grisham meets John Green" had me intrigued. I then opened it and read the blurb, and as I do like my YA thrillers/mysteries and books with a bit of a political/law angle, it did seem a bit up my alley. The book introduces us to Cameron Carter who has been given a chance to intern on Capitol Hill for an upcoming Senator who seems to be winning the votes of his city and the hearts of those voters. Cameron is different than the other interns as this is personal for him as his mother who died when he was a child, was also an Intern and loved Politics. During Cameron's internship, he becomes friends with Ariel - one of the staffers whose mother is the Senator's PR. Ariel we learn has been investigating the Senator's past when she is killed. Everyone is writing it off as an accident, but Cameron isn't so sure. When the FBI approaches him, he will learn the role of being an undercover informant. Though is Cameron up to the task and will he be able to save the ones he loves as he uncovers some daunting information that could ruin the Senator's chances?  This was a great read and though a tad slow in points, a good thriller. I loved the ending and was like OMFG when I read it. I had to re-read the end to make sure I was reading correctly and has now made me hoping that Peter Stone has a sequel in the works as he can't just leave us hanging like that.

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