Review: Lumberjanes Vol.7 - A Bird's Eye View

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Lumberjanes, Vol. 7: A Bird's-Eye View

Review: Lumberjanes - Volume #7 - A Bird's Eye View - December 2017

Lately, I've been enjoying the Lumberjanes graphic novels - they are a group of girl type scouts who love to go on amazing adventures. The thing though is that their experiences always end in chaos and the Lumberjanes having to save the day. They don't mean to seek out trouble, but trouble always seems to find them. In A Bird's Eye View, we have some strange birds appearing - giant crow like animals. When the High Council arrives, Jen and Rosie, warn the Lumberjanes to try and stay in control and no magic for the day. The girls though can't help it as months ago they found some kittens, and now those kittens have turned into magical kittens with abilities, and the giant bird has swooped down and taken the Van with all the high council members still inside. Now along with Barney and Hes as Hes's grandmother is one of the High Councillors. The Lumberjanes must head to the Bird's nest, join forces and work together to save one another as if not then, it looks like they too may find themselves's being added to the giant bird's nest. One thing I liked about this series is that it is starting to join the Zodiac cabin forces with Roanoke and work as a team rather than frenemies. A Bird's Eye View was another fun installment in the Lumberjane collection. Stay tuned to The Phantom Paragrapher as I continue on my Lumberjane journey.


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