Saturday, March 30, 2019

Review: Five - Jane Blythe

Five (Count to Ten #5)

Review: Five - Book#5 Count to Ten Series- Jane Blythe - January 2018

Another jam-packed novel and it seems that this small town can't get enough of their serial killers or bad guys.  Five, we have Laura and Jack together and read how Laura has married Jack. The band is in the hospital as Sofia - Ryan's wife has been admitted after fainting. While waiting for Sofia, Laura sees a teen in trouble, and she is approached. The teen tells Laura that she and a group of other young ones were kidnapped when they were younger, and now the oldest Eliza is lying in the hospital after being drugged. They were abducted by a guy called Malachi who believes they are his children. During the hospital visit Sofia's stalker - Dr. Daniels, once again tries to kill Paige as he has it in his twisted mind that she is trying to steal Ryan away from Sofia. Annabelle feels that Xavier is slipping away from her as he starts to show more interest in Eliza who is lying in the hospital bed. Though Annabelle keeps pushing him away, can she show him that she needs him or will this be the last straw and he finds happiness with Eliza? I have to admit I hate the relationship between Xavier and Annabelle as she is weak-minded and a placid who does need to grow up and stop blaming her childhood and the "incident" that she conveniently can't remember what happened when she was 4. Xavier needs to find the courage and stop trying to be a savior and be a man and give her an ultimatum. These two need to stop playing games with one another and Dr. Daniels - Sofia is safe, either tell her who you are or stop attacking Paige - she has her own family and Jack - despite what happened to Laura - you need to stop babying her and let her take risks, she will come to you for help if she needs it. This was a good story, but I am finding the characters too whiny, and the men are so co-dependent on their female partners. I am interested in reading Book #6 and seeing when Dr. Daniels will be caught.

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