Review: Little White Lies - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Little White Lies (Debutantes, #1)

Review: Little White Lies - Book #1 Debutantes - Jennifer Lynn Barnes - November 2018
Sawyer Taft has never known her grandparents as she was raised by her single mother. At eighteen, Sawyer is saving up as much money as she can to get out of their small town. When her mother is away on another one of her binges, Sawyer gets a knock at the door. A woman introducing herself as Sawyer's grandmother has a deal for her. To stay for the season and in return get a free ride to college and the perks of being one of the wealthy. For Sawyer, this is a whole different world as she is thrust upon the rich and the wealthy - the new blood and the old money families. Her's is one of the old money families. In return, Sawyer wants one thing - to find out who her father is as she has a list of potential men. As Sawyer meets her competition, she learns of the ins and outs of the wealthy and that all is not what it seems. If you thought the poor had problems, then the rich is a whole another ball game. I did like the end of this book but was a little disappointed when the circumstances of Sawyer's birth was revealed. I now am hoping to see in Book #2 if we can get some answers to questions like What happened to Ana and her baby?  Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes reminded me of PLL series, and I can imagine it would make a great TV show.


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