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Review: Lumberjanes - Volume 8 - Stone Cold

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Lumberjanes, Vol. 8: Stone Cold

Review: Lumberjanes - Volume #8 - Stone Cold - February 2018

The Lumberjanes are all excited as their friend Barney from the Boy Scouts camp has been officially allowed to be an honorary Lumberjane member and has set up camp in the Zodiac cabin. He has taken the bunk of Diane who turned out to be a Greek Goddess who caused mayhem in the camp and previously turned Jo into stone.  When the Lumberjanes rock up to the Zodiac cabin, they are in for a fright as all of the Zodiacs have been shifted to Stone. Is Diane to blame again seeing as she is back at camp? Turns out according to Diane someone is setting her up, a gorgon as she has been sent down to earth as a punishment from her father Zeus to capture the Gorgon. As the graphic adventure goes along, the Lumberjanes with Diane's help will have to achieve a set of mazes, puzzles, and riddles to save Cabin Zodiac from being stone forever. Can the Lumberjanes once again put their heads together and save the day and prove that a good lumberjane never leaves anyone behind especially not friends. Find out in Volume #8 Stone Cold and stay tuned to The Phantom Paragrapher for more Lumberjane adventures.

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