Review: In the Best Interests of the Child - Lily Llewellyn

In the Best Interests of the Child

Review: In the Best Interests of the Child - Lily Llewellyn - December 2018
Isla could have made it easy for her and Rosie and taken a way out by ending their lives, but as a mother, she stayed strong for her daughter and chose to fight. Isla was in an abusive and manipulative relationship when she fell pregnant with Rosie. For Rosie and her safety, she decided to leave him and went to stay in a shelter and try and build a new life for her. That was until Richard found them and decided to take her to court citing that she was a bad influence on their daughter. This led to a long lengthy process of court visits, social workers, health professionals as during this we see that Isla is not only fighting a dangerous disease herself but that her daughter Rosie at only 2 has a truckload of health problems and at one point it was touch and go for Rosie. Reading this my heart yearned for Isla as she was trying to do everything for her daughter's safety and because her husband was a manipulative male, he is seen as the victim, not her. This was a hard book at times, and I just wanted to scream at the lawyers and social workers and the judges as Isla and Rosie could not get a fricking break. I did love that after all their journey, they did prevail and all I can say is that if Isla were a "real person" she would be my ideal mother figure as she fought with tooth and nail to save the only person she knew was important - her daughter despite her medical issues. In the best interests of the child is a compelling story that shows indeed what a mother's love is and the lengths they will go for their children. I now have the author's book Kind on my kindle, but not sure if it will measure up to In the Best Interests of the Child as this will be a hard book to beat.


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