Review: The Third Mrs Durst - Ann Aguirre

The Third Mrs. Durst

Review: The Third Mrs. Durst - Ann Aguirre - August 2019

Marlena grew up in a redneck backwoods country to a mother who likes to have male acquaintances and sometimes neglected her children. Her older sister Dee made it out, and now it's Marlena's turn as it's now or never. Marlena buys a bus ticket and hightails it out of the country to New York. World of opportunities. Here she meets a friend Jenny, and the two become close. At the cafe they work at, they heard of a guy who scouts for talent and models. Marlena gets herself noticed by him, and along with Jenny as they are a twofer, their lives start to change . Marlena being the more attractive finds her career soaring and fast too. This leads her to go overseas and to become a big name and to put her in the eye of Michael Durst. He is the one everyone wants, the big cheese and being with Michael for models is a dream come true. The thing though is the Cinderella fairytale life comes with a hefty price tag that no money can buy as Marlena is about to discover in the form of complete control and abuse. During the book, Marlena does research and finds that the previous two Mrs. Durst's died after a short time being married to Marlena and when it looks like someone else has Michael's interest, Marlena knows it's only a matter of time for her. With the help of Vince and Jenny and a newfound friend, Marlena will try to bring Michael down once and for all before she ends up being another casualty. I did like the twist of this book when we discovered the workings of Marlena's brain and her connection to the previous Mrs. Durst.
This was also a new step for Ann Aguirre as she is more known for her YA Dystopian books and I have to admit as a thriller/mystery fan she did an excellent job with The Third Mrs. Durst.


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