Sunday, March 10, 2019

Review: This Lie will Kill You - Chelsea Pitcher

This Lie Will Kill You

Review: This Lie will Kill You - Chelsea Pitcher - December 2018
A year ago this small town high school had a party out in the woods, seven central teens went to the party amongst others, but only five made it home unscathed that night. One ended up dead and the other burned. Now one year later, the five remaining aren't really on friendly terms - they have all drifted apart due to what happened that fateful night that they all played a part in. It's nearing graduation, and the five receive an invitation designed like a scholarship award. Each of them has been given a costume and asked to bring an item along. Each with a secret to hide as no-one except the people in this room know exactly what happened that night and the events leading up to the party. We have a power couple Parker and Ruby, Parker's best friend Brett, Ruby's best friend, Juniper, and Gavin. This book had a good premise, an I Know what you did Last Summer type feel to it and reminiscent of books like Ten by Gretchen McNeil and Chain Letter by Christopher Pike.  I have to admit the ending of this book fell flat for me which was disappointing as I had read it A) as I loved The S Word and B) the whole premise of this book is a favorite trope of me - the age-old revenge story. Fans of Sara Shepard's various series will love this book.


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