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They Stay

Review: They Stay - Book #1 They Stay - Claire Fraise - October 2021

I have to admit I was first drawn to this book with the tagline of Stranger Things meets Supernatural. When I started reading this book, we were presented with a cliched Sheriff family where the dad is an abusive jerk and the mum is the weak woman archetype who loves her husband, the strong sister, and her younger brother who she tries to protect with all her heart. The book starts with Shiloh's younger brother Max heading to his baseball game. Normally she would pick him up, but she has to work. Both her parents forget about Max and when her dad turns up to the park - Max has vanished without a trace. Shiloh's heart is breaking and she will do whatever she can to try and find out what happened to her brother, even if it means talking to those involved in a previous kidnapping and getting herself in dangerous situations. This part reminded me of what I would be like if my brother Zach went missing as we have a similar relationship to Shiloh and Max. The other storyline which weaves and connects is Fran who can speak to ghosts and who has been shunned from society as they think she is cray-cray. There is a disturbance in the force and a newcomer who can hurt the ghosts who she has become her family of sorts. I found this book quite slow-paced for my liking but if you love ghost stories and supernatural mysteries, then you will enjoy They Stay by Claire Fraise today.

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