National Read-A-Thon : The Phantom Paragrapher Way

National Read-a-thon – The Phantom Paragrapher Way:
So, I was asked to write a guest post about how I would spend the 24th January which is National Read-a-thon Day by Casper Mattresses and so I did a little digging into the day and guess what folks, I discovered that it’s a US day only which sucks as living across the world in New Zealand we tend to miss out on days like this. In fact, we seem to get forgotten about a lot which is why I decided to start my book blog and looking at my stats I seem to get more recognised over in America than I do my own country – New Zealand – surprising isn’t it. But, then again that makes sense since I was asked to write a post about the National Read-a-thon happening over in the States.
So I decided to let readers know what is currently sitting in my library pile to read, as many may know I am a voracious reader who reads almost everything I can get my hands on and I don’t have one genre in particular that I stick to and my goal for participating in the National Read-a-thon will be to see if I can add an extra nine+ books to my 2015 Goodreads Challenge. I am currently standing at 31 books read, so can I come out of National Read-a-thon day with a total of 40 books read, I definitely think I can do it, what about you? What will your reading goal be, this fine National Read-a-thon day?
Readers, let’s go for a wander over to my bookshelf and have a peek at what’s sitting next to my bedside in my library pile and while I’m writing my list , why not check your own reading pile and let us know what you have planned to read for National Read-a-thon Day 2015.
#Four – A Divergent Collection – Veronica Roth
# The Dress Shop of Dreams – Menna Van Praag
#Leaving Time – Jodi Picoult
#First Impressions – Charles Lovett
# Black Chalk – Christopher J. Yates
# Don’t look Back – Jennifer L. Armentrout
# No Place to Fall – Jaye Robin Brown
# Falling for Autumn – Heather Topham Wood
# Romance for Cynics – Nicola Marsh
# Storybook Romance – Lissa Manley.
So, readers how about we strike up a reading deal and burrow ourselves into our warm reading nooks – mine is definitely my bed or my boyfriend’s – so comfortable and it’s always there inviting us in.  Where will you be reading this day and what will you be reading? 

If your bed isn’t the most comfortable place for you to read on, then you obviously need a new mattress and what better place than Casper’s where they can set you up with “The Casper Mattress” . It has the right bounce, the right sink for those nights or if you are like me during the day when you just want to curl up , relax and read your book – it’s moments like these when Casper Mattresses provides readers with the ultimate reading experience. It’s mattresses like these that scream pure heaven to readers all over and readers if you are not sold on the Casper then they have this tagline to assure customers “Why lie awake on a mattress for 10 minutes, when you can try one for 100 days” and if you aren’t satisfied, we will refund your money” as Casper Mattresses are made for your bedroom not the showroom.
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