Review: Private India - James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi


Review: Private India - Book #8 Private Series - James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi - August 2014

Private's PI Jack Morgan is definitely making a name and a career for himself after expanding his father's business with opening several Private Firms all across the globe and in Book #8 we jetset to India where after meeting Santosh Wagh during the bombings , Jack Morgan was so impressed with his work - he decided to hire him to head up the Indian office of Private. The book starts with a murder in the local hotel and Private India are phoned as they are the hotel's security firm.  A woman has been found strangled to death by a yellow silk scarf and a little trinket left on the body along with a strand of hair. Has the killer left some DNA or is this to be part of the calling card for future murders ? Seems like Private India has a lot of their hands as they haven't got any solid evidence to go by, that is until the killer strikes again - this time killing a tabloid journalist. As the story goes deeper and into more detail , we start to discover that people aren't exactly who they say they are and people in high profile jobs are not nessecarily good solid people and that we often live in a corrupt society. What will happen though when it seems that there may be a mole inside the team of Private India ? Has one of their own been betraying them and why ? When disaster strikes the team , we see two members lives in the balance ? Will they survive the attacks or will this be the end of Private India and will they hold the same fate as those in Private London - remember the plane crash ? 
Find out in the hottest new book in the Private Series by James Patterson and Ashwin Sanghi -Private India.



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