VBT# Where Dead Bodies Lie - Kat Cazanava


Review: Where Dead Bodies Lie - Book #1 Body Dowser Series - Kat Cazanava - December 2014

Are you wanting a supernatural book where the main character has a power brought down from generations ? For this main character , she has the power of body dowsing - a skill that she inherited from her mother who inherited from her mother and etc. After an incident happens when she is eight, she finds herself shipped off to her Aunt Lily's place - as the only surviving relative and her Dad's sister - Lily doesn't really know a whole lot about the body dowsing business and so begins the start of a troubled relationship with it's good times and bad. What happens next is that she is shipped off to a boarding school for the Elite , where she makes some new friends and attracts the attention of bad boy Kaff. This doesn't turn out good for her though as she collapses one day into a well and dies , and to make matters worse - there is a dead body underneath her and she comes back to life. The MC not the dead body. She is then expelled from the school and shipped back home, where she will spend the next three years being home-schooled and working harder to keep her skill under wraps. Three years pass and by coincidence she finds herself welcomed but not really back into the school she left three years ago and now must face the wrath of the Ice Queens and of course Kaff Cooper once again. This time though, strange things have been happening around the town - people are missing, crows are shrivelling up and dying and all seems to point to her being back and Kaff is being odd, can she get to the bottom of it to help save the town or is something more deadly at play ?
Find out in "Where Dead Bodies Lie" by Kat Cazanava - a book that combines historical and contemporary events together with a paranormal/horror element.



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